What’s new in the new I-Phone???


All the excitement of the new I-Phones has now changed into the urge for the new I-Phones.

Apple announces two models of the new I-Phones the I-Phone 6 (the slimmest I-Phone ever) and the I-Phone 6 Plus (the largest display I-Phone ever) and sets a new trends and expectations for a smartphone.

The new I-Phones will be available from September 19 (8 a.m.) on all retail stores in selected countries.

Let’s take a look on what Apple has new to offer it’s customers with the new I-Phones



Both the models of the new I-Phones are made with beautiful ionized aluminum steel and glass with an innovative seamless design which will feel great in your hands.



Apple’s CEO “Tim Cook” stated that the new I-Phones has “Not Just a bigger display. A better display” and I think we all have to agree with that. The new I-Phone 6 has a 4’7″ retina HD display with a resolution of 1334 x 750 and the I-Phone 6 Plus has a 5’5″ retina HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Making the best display ever used in a smartphone ever.


display1There are many other features as well:

  • Higher Contrast
  • Wider angle viewing
  • Improved Polarizer
  • Display Zoom
  • With an additional Landscape View on I-Phone 6 Plus


With an Apple built A-8 chip the new I-Phones are the fastest I-Phones ever. And now with the M-8 motion co-processor (which measures your activity along with the advanced sensors now includes a barometre).


Now with a much improved battery life the I-Phones are “Performance with efficiency”.


And if that’s not much Apple comes now with “Metal”(the technology that let developers create console style games on I-Phone).


And now let’s look what are the advanced sensors Apple supplies with the new smartphones.



The new I-Phones have 8MP rear camera. With it’s large 1.5micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture you can take amazing pictures



And to improve the video shooting Apple has added new feature like 1080pHD at 60 fps, 240 fps slow motion and time lapse video along with a new sensor with Focus-Pixels.


Along with the Improved Features:-

  • Focus Pixels
  • Face Detection
  • Exposure Control
  • Auto Stabilization
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Photos App
  • Panoroma

camera 4

Apple has also improved the front camera interface so you can capture more awesome selfies. So get your duck-face ready…..




  • Faster LTE with download speed upto 150 mbps.
  • Upto 20 LTE bands. More than any other smartphone to date.
  • Upto 5X faster Wi-Fi with 802.11AC Wi-Fi.



The new Touch ID

The new I-Phones now comes with the perfect passwords your fingerprints. With the new IOS8 the fingerprint grants you with faster access to all of your stuff.


Apple Pay

A new trend and initiative by Apple to replace wallets and if anyone could do this it is Apple itself .


This new feature by Apple let’s allows you to use I-Phone 6 to pay in thousand of stores with a single touch.

pay 2

New IOS8

The new IOS is full of new features and a lot of promises .Improved Siri, and a total new innovative messaging app which lets you share media and location in messages.


There is still a lot of things to be added in the new IOS .


The Price on the basis of two year contract with telecom service providers for the new I-Phones and the new price for the older ones are:


Full Specifications


For full specifications of the I-Phones goto:

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IPhone 6 ready for launch!!!

Apple's IPhone 6 may look like this but we are not sure yet.

Apple’s IPhone 6 may look like this but we are not sure yet.


With only 12 Hours remaining we all are ready for the biggest smartphone release this year“Apple’s I-Phone6″.

All the Apple lovers are  full of enthusiasm to know what new will Apple be providing us with this new I-Phone.

There a lots of Promises a bigger screen, a newer and a better UI, a more stable and efficient security (we all need that..).

And today after the release all our questions will be answered.

The snapshot of the Apple website "12 hours" prior to the Release.

The snapshot of the Apple website “12 hours” prior to the Release.

Apple is Providing the live video of the release on it’s website with an option to add it to your  calendar.

To watch the release live goto: at 10 a.m. PDT (5 pm GMT).